About K2 BioMicrosystems

K2 BioMicrosystems, LLC, was founded in mid 2013 to address needs in the biotechnology field which could be solved by innovative solutions based on advanced microelectronics. K2 BioMicro's senior research team has combined experience of over 50 man-years in engineering and medicine, including prior research work in academia, Fortune 100 engineering firms, and a major national laboratory. Our capability includes design expertise in the fields of analog and digital microelectronics, optics and optoelectronics, and semiconductor device design and fabrication. K2 BioMicro's intellectual property portfolio supports proprietary system designs for the biomedical and healthcare industry. We are a vertically-integrated firm, with the capability for moving products from conception to manufacturing. K2 BioMicro's research staff welcomes inquiries for collaborative or consulting work which falls within the scope of our corporate mission.